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November 15, 2013
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Gabriel Belmont (Dracula) Cosplay by GabbyLeithsceal Gabriel Belmont (Dracula) Cosplay by GabbyLeithsceal
I am a 5'3" female but in this costume I was nearly 6 feet tall - this was a HUGE build!!!

Gabriel Belmont (Dracula) from Castlevania's Lords of Shadow timeline. 

This is a blending of his two versions, Dracula at his height of power and his withered awakening after centuries of sleep. 
I also made his makeup darker and his hair a bit longer w/a blended color, than in the game as I wanted him to be creepy.

The bottom pic is me as normal as I can be (to scale) with me in the costume (friend stood in for pose)

Hair - Lace wig, human hair
Eyes - Hand painted contacts  
Face, neck, arms, hands - Foam latex
Chest - Latex and Polyfoam <--- the sculpt took sooo much clay to get rid of my curves LOL it was rediculous
Teeth - custom dental acrylics 
Belt - hand embossed latex felt, silver leaf, embroidered fabric with leather dye and airbrushed
Belt decoration - Resin cast with silver leaf, fabric covered wonderflex with embossed trim
Rings - silver leafed tooling leather
Face on arm wraps - resin cast, silver leafed
Fabrics -dyed, hand painted damasks, air brushed
Jacket - vinyl, latex felt, eva foam, hand embossed details and trim, resin cast buttons
Makeup - Pax, powders and alcohol activated
Height: Platform lifts
Time: 5 weeks 

Other than the total sense of being lost as yourself, to look in a mirror and not see any part of you looking back - The coolest part of this was a friend looked right at me then turned away and asked another friend if I was coming! Woot!!!

**Thinking of making the jacket again except to fit my normal height and do it in leather just to wear it around ;)

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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-01-23
I serious admire your skills, what you do is impressive! Look at all that detail, and how you completely transform! I knew you were capable of amazing constructions, but I guess I forgot. And congrats for the DD, I hadn't realized you got one.  Best regards :)
Hi hon!! Hope you are doing well ((HUGS)) and Thank you!!
ItsARandomEncounter Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What a mindblowing level of detail. And the coat, by all that is holy the coat is magnificent! I am used to cosplays like this ending up looking awful as costumes using other things than cotton or other soft material end up looking awful in real life products. But this, this is a wonderful cosplay, possibly one of the best I've seen.
aww - wow - thank you so much :)
DumasStark Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This... is... AWESOME! That cosplay is absolutely perfect! I love how many details you put onto the clothing, the body, EVERYTHING. It is a true delight for a fan of the Lords of Shadows saga to behold. My only complaint is on the hair, which should have been whiter, but apart from that, it's gorgeous.
Thank you!! (and I did the hair and his coloring a bit darker as I was going for creepy at a place that didn't know the character - otherwise I would have totally gone grey) If I end up going to Dragoncon I will soo wear grey ;)
DaemonLords Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HOLLY SH***!!! 
That must have took forever to make! It's awesome, really! =D
Can't wait to play that game!
I can not wait either!!! and Thank you!
DaemonLords Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Courage! Only one day to wait... :3
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